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Pick up the pump | Promelectro

Pick up the pump

Step 1 : Source

Select the source water intake

Your choice

Definition source

Important! Wizard in the left side of the screen will guide you through 3 steps characterization. The steps are very simple and clear. Each step will be accompanied by additional instructions that will be displayed in place of the text.

The application for the selection covers a surface, well, wells, vertical pumps for water supply (supply of cold fresh water) .A drainage pumps as in the case when they are used for irrigation, or set the water in the holding tank.

Pay attention to users of the application is that the proposed algorithm for selection of equipment is built only a few basic criteria that, in most cases, are sufficient for the proper selection of pump models.


However, it must be remembered that, because of a variety of different special cases and peculiarities of water supply, the selection of results, proposed by the program, may not always be 100% satisfactory. In any case, the developers of this application is recommended in the first place, if possible, to trust the calculation of water supply system and the selection of pumping equipment experienced professionals.